Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jesus Camp Bush Worship - Talk About Throwing Bricks in a Glass House

It seems Fox News has decided to further the smear campaign against this president and coordinate with Drudge Report to push the story of school children singing a song about President Obama during Black History Month this past winter. Odd how this is brand new information to Fox since this tape has been out for some time now.

Here's what Fox News didn't tell you and is much more disturbing.

I'm sure everyone remember the Jesus Camp movie that came out some time ago where children were put into some sort of summer camp to train how to worship Jesus. Well, worshiping of Jesus wasn't the only thing going on.

Here is an excerpt from Jesus Camp that I'm sure most of you will find pretty disturbing.

This isn't the only example of Bush worship.

The Huffington Post recently linked to a story about how school children greeting Bush with a song in response to none other than his response to Katrina.

Anyways, before the propaganda machine Fox News decides to push a story to distract their viewership from the gains being achieved by President Obama at not only the U.N. meeting, but also at the G20 summit, they should probably do a little bit of research. Of course, those viewing Fox News will never know about these Bush worship videos because they aren't even a real news organization and never show both sides of a story.

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