Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day!

Now lets see what's on peoples minds on Google hot trends.

1.marine corps marathon
2.time change fall 2010
3.when is daylight savings time 2010
4.daylight savings time 2010
5.halloween quotes and sayings
6.trick or treat times
7.halloween parade nyc
8.denise borino quinn
9.when does daylight savings time end
10.rally to restore sanity
11.indiana unemployment
12.reformation day
13.when do we turn the clocks back
14.romans revenge lyrics
15.this is halloween lyrics
16.pumpkin pancakes
17.samhain rituals
18.happy halloween pictures
19.halloween games for kids
20.all saints day

Mostly about Halloween and daylights savings time. I see the marathon hit #1 and still in the top ten is the Colbert/Stewart Rally.

Seems this election is a really big deal!

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