Thursday, December 2, 2010

Republican's Are Trying to Sabotage The Economic Recovery

It's now blatantly obvious Republicans have chosen to try to sabotage an economy recovery in the hopes to take back the Senate or even the Presidency. It began with the them holding the same political stance as the anti-American worker lobbying group, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and China and the E.U. and it's ending with them now using the unemployed as a tool during the holiday season.

"Without extended benefits, Virginia would have had 8,014 fewer jobs as of September 2010, and failure to act to extend benefits again could cost the state 5,261 jobs by the end of next year.

Benefits for the jobless are particularly important during the holiday season. In addition to providing support for families when they need it most, the positive effects of the program on the economy are likely to be greater since American families tend to spend more during the holiday season. In December alone, two million Americans will lose their coverage if Congress fails to act, the report finds."

Virginia Needs Congress To Act Now On Unemployment Insurance

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