Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama = Bush = Carter

You know what would be really healthy for the Democrats. To relentlessly attack the top of the ticket right before the general election. I mean, make as many Obama = Bush comparisons as possible.

Drum beat that dead horse into the ground, then when it stops moving, keep on beating. Demoralize and dehumanize the top of the ticket and hopefully the base will turn on him viciously and just not show up in 2012.

Because see, what will really be good for the Dems, according to some FDL'ers, is if Dems take another beating in 2012. See, that way the country will really learn its lesson and revolt!

Only problem is that if Republicans continue gains in 2012, they will completely dismantle organized labor and legally destroy whats left of the Dems foot soldiers. More poll tax laws will pass. College voters will be restricted in voting. Republican fund-raising will be ridiculously unbalanced as untaxed corporate profits pour into Republican coffers unrestricted.

It might take 50 years to regain control but man, will we teach Obama a lesson! In the mean time, suck it up middle America.

This is all Obama's fault, because Obama = Bush!

I hear this occasionally and I see conservative pundits run with it any time its mentioned because they know how challenges to the parties leader squashes the morale and motivation of the base.

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