Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Imagine...

Imagine if Obama had joked to a fake Trumka about his baseball bat he had in his oval office when speaking about the Tea Partiers what the uproar would be.

Just for a sec, stop and imagine what would be going on in right wing circles, just imagine.

If Obama joked about a bat in his Oval Office to Trumka, Fox would have guest after guest on to ask them what they thought about the President joking about bashing Tea Partiers heads in and if they think the President should apologize. Asking them if he crossed the line.

It would be on Fox 24/7. Every hourly show would ask the same question over and over. Every right wing blog would have blaring headlines of Obama with a bat drawn in his hand cartoons. Every right wing radio station would be hammering away at it, hour after hour.

At no point is the Governor of a state joking to who he thinks was a major contributor to his campaign about beating protesters with bats funny.

Right wing partisans would be insisting to be invited onto every other cable news station and they would push how the President joked about bashing in the heads of Tea Party protesters.

The conversation would focus on that to the point of a frenzy. Opinions would be heavily shaped. The public would overwhelmingly turn against the President. It would be shameful to throw your support behind someone who joked about bashing in the heads of the people he is supposed to represent.

Just stop for a second, and imagine.

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