Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why Does the Right Have Such a Disdain for Teachers?

In light of how Gov. Walker of WI kissed up to who he thought was Koch, one of his largest financiers in the election, made me think a bit. Teachers across this country should be aware of how corporate interests can influence Governors to cut their benefits in order to allow business to game the system.

In other words, at the cost of those that educate our children, will come the payoff to campaign contributors.

It's a downward spiral in our education system. The constant attack from the right on our public teaching system is slowly eroding away what was once a noble occupation. Many highly skilled people stay away because they know, the second there is a downturn, they look to teachers to take the lopsided brunt of the load on their backs. Teachers are demonized as leeches on society from the right.

Driving home last month I remember reading a bumper sticker that encapsulated this disdain for public teachers that read; paraphrased 'I Can't Wait to Defund All Public Schools so We Can Build More Stealth Bombers.'

Who on earth could be that ignorant?

The video footage of Sarah Palin and her daughter rolling their eyes when a protester in Alaska mentioned she was a public school teacher is just one more example of the growing disdain the right has for public education.

I know the right likes to say the left thinks Republicans are all dumb rednecks (at least they joke that way to fire up the partisans) but when the apparent attack on our educators is so apparent in every day politics, it's not some far fetched conclusion that the right just doesn't like teachers.

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